Eat with us in Tanzania

“You cannot tickle a hungry person.” Maasai proverb (Tanzania)

Looking for the best food in Tanzania? Eat with us! Our hosts welcome you for lunch or dinner at their homes. Have a memorable meal in Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Moshi, Arusha, and Zanzibar (maps are below.) Need a ride to a meal? Hamna shida (no problem)! We can organize transport for you.

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tanzanian Hospitality

Feel at home with our friendly hosts

Speak like a local with these casual Tanzanian greetings!

If you are asked….you answer…

  • Mambo? Poa!
  • Vipi? Safi!
  • Mia? Mia!
  • Kwema? Freshi!

When greeting someone older or with respect, it’s more appropriate to use a more formal greeting.

Habari za jioni? (How is the afternoon/evening?). Nzuri / Salama. (Fine / Peaceful)

Ready to eat? Learn these Tanzanian Culture, Cuisine, & Connection Tips

kuku soup tanzaniaTanzanians love soup! Some favorites include chicken (kuku) soup for breakfast, mtori with meat and pureed banana for a hearty meal, and octopus soup (rumored to boost libido.) 

Nyama choma (grilled meat) is often served as “mishikaki” (on skewers) with a side of chapati or ndizi (roasted banana).

Cashews are popular in Tanzania.  If you have informed us about a nut or other food allergy, we have passed this information to the host already. However, it is advisable to ask the host at the start of the meal, just in case. 

Careful with the hot sauce and chili peppers (pilipili). They are HOT, but also delicious. 

biryani tanzania

Tanzanians make incredible fresh juice from local ingredients, such as sugar cane or tamarind. All the water and juice at Jiranileo meals are safe to drink

Follow the host’s lead. If they eat with their fingers, so can you! It is equally fine to ask for a fork or spoon. Culturally the use of the right hand is correct. Try to avoid using your left hand for eating or for passing.

Swahili is the national language. Our hosts might not speak English, but there will always be someone there who speaks English and can help translate. We also have a translated list of common words at the home.

1 = Dar es Salaam (multiple locations) 2 = Bagamoyo. 3 = Zanzibar (multiple locations.) 4 = Moshi (near Mount Kilimanjaro). 5 = Arusha (coming soon!)
1 = Mbezi / Kunduchi. 2 = Peninsula. 3 = Kinondoni / Mikocheni. 4 = Downtown. 5 = Kigamboni (coming soon!) 6 = University of Dar es Salaam.