We believe in our mission.

Jiranileo brings people together to meet as neighbors and leave as friends in the spirit of African hospitality.

Our vision has four parts: Championing Africa. Expanding neighborliness. Promoting local flavor. Empowering women.

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Tour Operators

First place: Best Celebration of Culinary Culture in Culinary Travel. World Food Travel Association.

Are your customers looking for a unique cultural activity while travelling in Africa? The UNWTO has identified gastronomy tourism as one of the fastest growing sectors globally.

Jiranileo is the only platform for this sector on the African continent. We would be happy to bring our proven model to the African countries where you operate. Contact us to share what food tourism experiences your customers want.

Do you currently run hosted meals, cooking classes, market tours, or other gastronomy tourism activities focused on African cuisine and culture? We’d be happy to explore how we can partner with you.

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Government tourism agencies across Africa

We’d love to hear your vision for starting and/or expanding the food tourism sector in your country. Let us help you build this sector!

We have workable models that we can adapt for your country based on your needs. We are available for consultancies to develop your gastronomy tourism policy, strategies, and packages of activities.

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We have a vision for engaging more women and youth across Africa in the gastronomy tourism sector.

We know what it will take to reach our business goals, and we welcome investors to back this exciting venture.

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Hosts of home-cooked meals

Do you love to cook and want to host meals at your home?

Please contact us and tell us your nationality, what city and country you live in, and what type of African cuisine is your personal specialty.

We are strategic in how we select hosts, so we cannot promise that we can work with you. However, we will add you to our host database and will reach out when we reach the stage of host recruitment.

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