Meet Africa & Chat is a present-day take on African hospitality. Meet, listen, learn & share with Africans daily over live video chats. Join us for local flavor, diverse experiences, and great conversation. We connect everyday people to share their stories on any topic.

Watch this video about the app on YouTube, and watch this video for tips on how to use the app.

Meet Africa & Chat is for Africans, pan-Africans, people who have lived in Africa, travelers, and any person who is curious about Africa.

Do you have an African story to tell? Do you have an African experience to share? Do you enjoy hearing stories about Africa? Then this app is for you.

Everyone is welcome at our table – singles, couples, families, and friends can all join these chats. We welcome all ages and nationalities.

Children and youth under 12 years cannot use the Meet Africa & Chat app unless they have an adult with them. We do welcome families to join chats, as well as singles, couples, and groups of friends.

We are a fully African app. There is no other existing platform for everyday Africans of all nationalities and ages to join and share their personal stories and experiences through video chats.

No, this is not a dating chat. There are plenty of other apps for that purpose.

Choose chat topics from our menu. Think of a story you can tell on that topic to the other guests. For inspiration, watch our YouTube video called Find Your African Story

Conversation is facilitated by the host who selected the conversation topic. Hosts can schedule a chat on anything they want, although we do recommend that the discussion is related to Africa in some way. Watch this video on how to be a Gamechanger Guest.

We want everyone to have a chance to share their story. If you do not see a topic you like, then you are free to sign up as a host to talk about any topic you want.

No, the app is not about food. Although a host can sign up for conversations about food.

Meet Africa & Chat is meant to feel like the casual conversation that you have while eating a meal together with other people. Discussions are around 30 – 40 minutes – just about the same time as if you were all sitting around a table chatting together after a meal.

In Africa, there is no rush when it comes to good company. Discussions are around 30 – 40 minutes – just about the same time as if you were all sitting around a table chatting together after a meal.

We welcome all languages to be used on the Meet Africa & Chat app. Hosts can lead chats in any language that they feel comfortable with. When you sign up for a chat, you can see the languages spoken by the other guests.

Yes. Anyone can be a host. What is on your mind? Set up a conversation. Other people with similar interests can join your chat. Watch our how to host video on YouTube for instructions.

You do need a free Zoom account to host a chat. Sign up here:

Please check out our hosting guide on our website (

You should also join a “Jiranileo RSVP Host’s Table” chat on the app. Look on the calendar for the next scheduled chat.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, we recommend you watch some Zoom tutorials on YouTube so that you can see how to use the audio and video features.

Zoom Meetings is a video conferencing tool with recording and screen sharing features. It can be used on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Video conferencing is free for the first 40 minutes.

You do not need a Zoom account to join a chat on the Meet Africa & Chat app. Our app will automatically connect you to Zoom for the video conference.

You do need a free Zoom account to host a chat. Sign up here:

The Meet Africa & Chat app is free to download and use. Users are responsible for their own internet and data charges.

  • Your identify is safe. You control your username. You control your chat. You can turn off your audio or video or leave the chat at any time.

  • You are asked to indicate your country, but no one can see your actual location.

  • No one can contact you outside the video chat session that you joined. No one can message you through the app.

  • No one can obtain your information to contact you outside the app (unless you tell them your details during the video chat.)

  • The Jiranileo team does not share your information with third parties. Please read the privacy policy on our website for more information (Privacy policy)

No. To book a Jiranileo Home meal, use the “contact us” page of our website (contact us)