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Welcome to Jiranileo: The one and only food tourism platform for the African continent

Hungry for Company

Connect over a home-cooked meal.

Did you know that the best African food is found in local homes? With Jiranileo, you can find a home-cooked meal anywhere across Africa. 

When you book a meal through Jiranileo, you will be welcomed into our hosts’ homes for a delicious meal eaten together in the true spirit of African hospitality. Our meals are based on three pillars:

  • Connection with your neighbor as you eat together.
  • Cuisine that showcases African culinary diversity.
  • Culture from the shared experiences around the table.

Everyone is welcome at our tables. Africa has 1.2 billion untold stories. Won’t you join our tables and share yours? 

Popular Invitations

Zambia Invitations

Zanzibar Invitations

Dar es Salaam Invitations

Karibu nyumbani (Tanzania)
Nsanyuse okulaba (Uganda)
Akwaaba (Ghana)
Takulandilani (Zambia)
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African Hospitality

Feel at home

Jiranileo is a present-day take on African hospitality and the conversations that ensue when people meet over a meal.

Jiranileo connects people to listen, learn and share their stories.

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