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Jiranileo RSVP: Meet Africa and Chat

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The team built an app called Jiranileo RSVP in 2020 when travel stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When it was unsafe for people to gather in person, the RSVP app was a way to gather people to a “virtual table” using a video chat platform.

When travel re-started, we switched back to our original focus of in-person gatherings. However, we do still feel proud of our app, which was available on Google Play and on the App Store. Want to try it out? Get in touch with us.

Meet Africa and Chat

Meet, listen, learn & share with Africans daily over live video chats. Feel free. It’s free! Jiranileo RSVP: Meet Africa & Chat is a present-day take on African hospitality. Everyone is welcome at our table. Join us for local flavor, diverse experiences, and great conversation. We connect everyday people to share their stories on any topic.

Meet face-to-face with today’s Africa.

Join a chat.

Download the app for free. Choose chat topics from our menu. Join a video chat. Feel welcome. This YouTube video takes you through the easy steps to get started.

Find your story.

Africa is full of stories. Join a chat and share your story. Check out this fun video on how to find your story.

Be a gamechanger guest.

Put on your best table manners and join our conversations. Check out the simple steps to take to be the person everyone wants at their table.

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Feel at home.

In Africa, there’s no rush when it comes to good company. Discussions are around 40 minutes - just about the same time as if you were all sitting around a table chatting together after a meal. We purposely keep groups to a small number of participants. We want everyone to have a chance to share their story. This video gives you an idea of how the app works.

Host your own chats

Anyone can be a host. Set up a gathering to share your story and hear three more stories from other people on the same topic. Hosts need a Zoom account. Watch this video to learn how to host:

Meet your neighbors, safely.

Meet your neighbors around Africa and around the world without leaving home. Go into the app settings and add a photo or update your name, location and language. The other app users will see your country, but there is no way they can contact you outside the chat. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more.

Learn how to pronounce Jiranileo before the video chat!

In Kiswahili, jirani means neighbor and leo means today. Find out how to pronounce Jiranileo by watching our fun video. We filmed this in Tanzania in early 2020 when people were isolating at home and desired more social connection.