Jiranileo is two kiSwahili words combined into one: “Jirani” means “neighbor” and “leo” means “today.”

Watch our fun video to learn how to pronounce Jiranileo. 

Imagine a casual dinner with a small group of friends at your neighbor’s home. Jiranileo has a network of hosts who invite you into their homes to eat a home-cooked meal together. Each meal promotes connection, cuisine, and shared culture.

To reserve your seat for a meal, go to the Book Now page of our website. We’ll match you to a host and support transportation logistics (you can drive, take a taxi, or we can organize your transport.) At the designated mealtime, show up with a smile and an appetite to meet new people over great food!

Both Jiranileo Home and Passport Meals bring people together for home-cooked meals across Africa.

Home focuses on traditional cuisine and local culture from a particular country (for example, eating Zambian food at homes in Zambia).

Passport focuses on cuisines from the international cultures found in African cities (for example, eating Egyptian food in homes in Zambia.)

Go to the “Book Now” page of our website, fill out the required fields, and pay. 

(Information on payment options are in the FAQ directly below.)

Jiranileo will immediately send an email to confirm your booking. We will send another email the day before the meal to confirm your host and the location.

Please note that we have recently updated our booking page and payment options. If you experience any challenges with booking or making payments, please email us at [email protected].

Payment is made at the time of booking on our website. 

We accept several payment options in multiple currencies. If you are paying in a currency other than US Dollars, today’s Dollar exchange rate will be automatically applied at time of purchase.

All Jiranileo payments are made using our secure payment partner, Flutterwave, to our parent company, Kambirana Group.

Payment options: 

  1. Credit cards: We currently accept credit cards through our web booking page.
  2. Bank transfers: We accept bank and e-wallet payments with the Barter app. Download the free app and find out more here.
  3.  Mobile Money: We accept mobile money payments at a flat rate in local currency (e.g. Zambian Kwacha for meals in Zambia; Tanzania Shillings for meals in Tanzania.) Currently we cannot process mobile money on our website, so please take the following steps:
  • WhatsApp us with the following information: Country. Invitation name. Invitation Date. Your name. Your email address. Number of seats you want to reserve.
  • We will invoice you directly from Flutterwave to your WhatsApp and email. 
  • If payment is not made within 24 hours from the time of invoicing, Jiranileo has the right to cancel your booking reservation. 
  • Once we receive payment, we will either reserve your seat directly, or send you a PROMO code to use on the website, to reserve your seat. You will know your seat is reserved when you receive an email from Jiranileo with the invitation details.

If you have trouble paying using our system, please read the FAQ below.

We’re here to help!

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Credit card fraud protection: Some credit card companies may require additional verification to be processed. If your credit card does not work, or requires further authorization, please try contacting your company.
  2. Cookies message: If you have trouble booking on your phone, try the booking page on your computer. In particular, iPhone users might get a notice to turn on cookies in their Safari browser settings.
  3. Other problem? If you can, please take a screenshot and send it to us so we can identify the problem.

If you are still facing challenges, you can email or WhatsApp Jiranileo for other payment options.

Zambia WhatsApp: +260 760123078

Tanzania WhatsApp: +255 788664508

Contact us to share your feedback or suggestions on how we can improve our payment methods and process. 

You can eat Jiranileo Home meals at any time. Check our Invitations page on our website.

Our aim is to have regular Passport Meals throughout the year, based on host availability. We will post updated schedules on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


You can book a minimum of one seat, and up to the maximum seats for that particular invitation. When booking, please provide the names of each person who will accompany you to the meal and let us know if anyone has food  allergies or dietary requirements.

On average, meals are about 2 hours, with a maximum 3. Food is ready upon your arrival, and the end time is largely dependent on how talkative people are at the table.

There is no menu. Our hosts prepare what they love to cook for guests. If you eat with a host more than once, you probably will have a different meal each time.

We like to think of Jiranileo Home and Passport Meals as an invitation to eat with your neighbor. You are eager for the conversation and getting to know one another. While you know the food will be good, you aren’t expecting your neighbor to send you a menu. Jiranileo does ask about any dietary needs ahead of the meal, though.

All meals include drinking water and a non-alcoholic drink. Some meals provide alcohol, and other meals allow the guest to bring their own alcohol. Please note that some meals are strictly no alcohol, particularly those in Muslim homes. Check the specific information about each meal on our website.

Jiranileo meals are held at homes around town. For security reasons, we do not share this information on our website. If you have booked a meal, Jiranileo will send you directions to the host’s home the day of the meal.

Please read our Terms of Service on our website.

First and foremost, please bring a smile! We also ask all guests to kindly wear a mask. Do not bring alcohol unless the meal is specifically advertised as “bring your own.”

You do not need to bring money as we have already paid the host in advance. However, many of our hosts have products for sale (such as packaged home-cooked foods), so you have the option of bringing some money for any take-home purchases you want to make.

Jiranileo takes COVID-19 prevention very seriously. The host and guests are required to wear masks on arrival. You are free to remove your mask after you arrive based on your personal comfort with the environment.

All guests will be asked to wash hands or sanitize hands on arrival.

Seating is either outside or in well-ventilated inside areas.

If anyone in the host or guests’ homes has signs of flu, they should cancel and we can reschedule for another time.

Jiranileo will put you on a waiting list if the meal you want is full. If another guest cancels, you will be contacted to take their place (on a first come, first serve basis).  If the host adds a date for another meal, we will contact you to see if you are available.

We personally meet and orient all our hosts across Africa. All hosts should not only love to cook; they should also be open to welcoming guests into their own home for a meal.

To host a Jiranileo Home meal, you should be a citizen or long-term resident of a particular country where you live. 

To host a Passport Meal, you should have a cultural background from a country that is different than the one where you are living. For example, if you are Ghanaian living in Tanzania.

When we are ready to recruit more hosts, we will post announcements on social media or on our website. You can also message us on Instagram @jiranileo.

To share ideas, we encourage you to download the Jiranileo RSVP: Meet Africa and Chat app (free on Google Play and Apple Store) and join the “Meet the Jiranileo co-founders” sessions. This virtual chat app brings maximum of four people together to a “virtual table” to share the stories of our diverse African lives. Find out more about the app here.

To give public feedback, find Jiranileo on Trip Advisor and add your comments.

For private feedback to Jiranileo directly, click “Ask a question” on our website menu to send us an email or message us on Instagram (@jiranileo).