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Welcome to Jiranileo: The one and only food tourism platform for the African continent


The best way to experience African culture is through the universal language of food.

Welcome to Jiranileo, the home of African food tours, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant mix of flavors, traditions, and stories that make up the rich culinary landscape of this beautiful continent.

If you’re a traveler seeking more than just a room with a view, if you’re hungry for authentic foods that immerse you in the lively neighborhoods and cultures of Africa, you’re in the right place. Unleash your inner explorer and embark on a culinary journey like no other.


Share a Meal, Share a Story: Dining in a Local Home

Step beyond the typical tourist path and experience Africa like a true insider. Our curated experiences allow you to dine in the heart of local communities, where warm smiles and open hearts await to welcome you into their homes.

From the tantalizing aroma of simmering stews to the laughter-filled conversations around the table, every meal is an opportunity to forge connections that transcend borders.



Market Treasures: Guided Tours Through Local Culinary Havens

Embark on a guided expedition through bustling markets teeming with fresh produce, spices, and exotic fruits. Our local guides will lead you on a sensory adventure, introducing you to the ingredients that form the backbone of African cuisine.

From the vibrant fish markets of Zanzibar to the lively vegetable stands of Lusaka, every step is a revelation of tastes and traditions. These markets are a celebration of life, and the perfect place to connect with the soul of African cuisine.

african market


From Street to Plate: Immersive Food Cultural Experiences

Experience the pulse of African cities and towns through their unique food culture. Discover the hidden spots and gathering places that aren’t on the usual tourist circuit.

Our local guides will take you to the best spots in their neighborhoods where locals meet over great food. From the all-you-can-eat matebeto meals of Zambia to the spicy Indian curries of Kenya, these experiences are a gateway to the soul of a nation.



Learn the Art of African Cuisine: Take a Cooking Class

Become a maestro of African recipes with our hands-on cooking classes. Led by local experts in indigenous foods, these intimate sessions offer a behind-the-scenes look at the techniques and secrets that define each region’s culinary identity. 

From mastering the delectable flakiness of Tanzanian chapatis to perfecting the art of Zambian nshima, your journey into African cuisine begins here.

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African Hospitality

Feel at home

Jiranileo is a present-day take on African hospitality and the conversations that ensue when people meet over a meal.

Jiranileo connects people to listen, learn and share their stories.

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